Friday, November 7, 2008

Listening to Naomi reminds me of a Martha Stewart article

A few years ago, I read this article - not by Martha Stewart, but about her. The author (whose name now escapes me, as well as the title of the article) was writing about a video she’d once watched where Martha was demonstrating how to make a moss carpet for bonsai. She would pick up a clump of moss in her hand and crumble it over the surface, all the while explaining in a reassuring voice how easy it was to do and how the crumbs would grow into a smooth, green carpet in a few weeks.

Naomi is a lot like that. In her online business school, she talks about how she made tons of money by focusing on one tiny market and then it turned out not to be so tiny after all. And sure, that is part of it. And part of it is luck. But it is not just focus, or just luck. She breaks things down. She makes the impressive accessible.

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caribbeancruiselines said...

Hi Amy - I'm betting she's not really just lucky. It's amazing how many things you've got to do at once in business before folk accuse you of being lucky.