Monday, November 3, 2008

Back Link Checker

So I was stalking Naomi (again) the other day because the bitch does not update often enough and since she disabled comments and has yet to discover trackbacks there is no way for me to easily find and connect with other bloggers who might be part of that conversation. This is driving me crazy because I had been drifting in an ocean of professional ennui before I found her blog and the combination of her writing and the community that had grown up around it struck the kind of chord in me that makes me want to dance around the room and scream THIS IS IT! THIS IS IT! THIS IS IT! I'm not clear at this point what I mean by IT, but at this point I've accepted that finding my life's purpose is going to require a lot of fumbling around in the dark, and I'm grateful for even near-misses.

Anyway, back to link checker: I am hungry for other members of the tribe and conversation so I wanted a way to find the other blogs who linked to Naomi. There are various ways of doing this from your own site. Wordpress, for example, has an "incoming links" feature and Googling "who links to me?" will give you another dozen options. But I wanted a tool that would tell me who links to someone else's site, and I hadn't figured out that many of these tools will let you plug any old URL in whether you own it or not.

I was going to write a list here about various link-checkers and people who link to Naomi. But now I am tired, so maybe later.


James said...

A list of links to

'Cause google rocks and has syntax like "link:" which lets you search for links to your site, or anyone else's.

Yet another of my many stalking tools ;)

Amy said...

Thanks James!