Monday, December 8, 2008

Four Great Social Media Articles

Miscellaneous great links about social media that have graced my screen recently:

How to Get Freelance Work With Twitter - Kim Woodbridge breaks it down. Even if you don't know what Twitter IS yet, this should work for you, Her directions are that clear.

"Never in the last 100 years of business has there been such an even playing field for moms and pops and corporations as there is on the Internet right now. Knowledge can outdo cash - for a little while longer. Get educated and get in the game while you still can."
This article basically sums up why I'm going around telling everyone I'm a social media marketing consultant and why I feel it's so important I be doing that work now. It always takes a year or so for the big guys to catch on. I'm guessing we have about 8 months left.

The Firefly Manifesto I've chosen to adopt the attitude that the current economic situation - while it does mean there is less money floating around - represents a tremendous opportunity. Some people are better at this than others, and this guy's enthusiasm is infectious.

And, for balance:
How Not to Promote Your Business on the Internet - One of the things I reiterate with my clients is that social media marketing and permission marketing are NOT about making a pest out of yourself. This post explains how to avoid going too far.