Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Hello World

So here I am, starting a blog for my ittybiz. Naomi Dunford, on whom I currently have a mad, worshipful, fangirl-crush; says that her number one advice for someone who thinks they would like to start an ittybiz is to just start the damn ittybiz. However, I am being chicken and just starting the blog, because at this point I am not sure on what I want to do for my ittybiz and I’m too embarrassed to change my mind too many times in public.


Mike Stankavich said...

Yay Amy! I'll be your first RSS subscriber.


Amy said...

I love you Mike!

For those of you who were not on the chat session this afternoon, I had been stuck on creating this blog for a week because I couldn't think of a name. So the whole class started brainstorming, and Mike was the guy who came up with the name. So I'm loving Mike as well as Naomi.

Charlie said...

I'll be your second. How much more love do you have to go around?

Charlie Gilkey said...

While I'm here, I should add: maybe instead of looking at it like you're giving us your business idea, maybe you can think about it like we're giving you business ideas?

And, as we have seen, sometimes the insight of a few people combined is far better than one person on her own.

Amy said...

@Charlie: I have lots of love!

As for collecting inspiration from my friends: Sure! It worked brilliantly yesterday, why stop now?